Knives edge

Knives edge

The city of knives edge is somewhat new, in the wake of the civil war, the mortal races were running low on resources. In an effort to find new natural sources of energy and food, they decided to explore the previously unexplored south.

When the small parties that where sent there finally reached their destination, the found a miracle, Oil. Oil is a highly flammable material, and thus is perfect for magic synthesis and alchemy. Wizards settled the coastline, and used their magic to separate salt from the water, meaning that the area was entirely sustainable.

Soon, Merchants appeared looking to trade for the wizards, along with their family’s. Then trading outposts were formed, then more and more cold blooded folk came to live their. Nowadays its seemingly never ending growth makes it the third largest city in all of Estora.

.It is located at the far south of Estora, and is now the third largest city in all of the world. Its run by the grand oligarch, who is currently a female Loxodon known as Oriria.. Its governmental structure is confusing, with a council of merchants controlling much of what the area does. But Oriria gets the final say in most situations.

It is most famous for its markets, “entertainment”, and blistering heat, making it a home for many cold blooded races. As well as this, every five years knifes edge holds the biggest carnival in the world, with thousands of people coming from everywhere to see its amazing show of diversity and incredible performances.


Knives edge

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