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  • Knives edge

    h1. Knives edge [[File:587048 | class=media-item-align-none | 7f720cbede625085e7ccd46503c944aa-d5b1ubs.jpg]] The city of knives edge is somewhat new, in the wake of the civil war, the mortal races were running low on resources. In an effort to find …

  • Kings hearth

    h1. Kings hearth [[File:587058 | class=media-item-align-none | cc9777bf9f0d2fbce98c1a57412effe7.jpg]] Kings hearth is the capital of Kereema, a gargantuan city that stretches into the sky and houses more people than any other in the world. It is …

  • Burnstoke

    A mining village near knifes edge, a large producer of coal and home to one of the most prolific coal mines in the world, with nearly a 10th of the worlds coal produced there alone.

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