100 years ago, in the land of Estora, a civil war raged, over who deserved to rule. The near immortal races of the elves, pixies and dragon-born decided that due to their higher intelligence and longer lifespans, they should be in charge of the capital cities of the land, and decide the rules.

For a while, they did rule, fairly but strongly. But eventually the mortal races accused them of being out of touch of those with shorter lifespans, and decided to overthrow them to install a leader from a lower class.

This started the great war between the mortals and immortals, what the mortals lacked in magic and power, they made up for in great numbers, the goblin army’s alone made up the numbers of the entire of the immortal army. But nevertheless the war raged for a long time, before finally and suddenly, an invasion of Kings Hearth by the mortals won the capital, and the war.

100 years later, effects of the war still linger, immortals and mortals distrust each other, segregation is a serious problem within even the most progressive of cities. There is even talk among the immortals of a second uprising.

The air in the capital is thick with tension. Nobody knows what, but something big is about to happen. Soon.


The god hand